Recognizing the efforts of graduate and professional students

While graduate students are often awarded for their academic achievements, they often contribute so much more to IUPUI.

Molly Connor, the recipient of the 2021 Bantz Award, emphasized how important it is to honor the efforts of graduate and professional students.

"Graduate students work exceptionally hard, and the Elite 50 gives those students the opportunity to lift their heads from academia and be recognized for their contributions to the campus community."

Isheka Orr (Elite 50 '22) mentioned that just going through the application process  helped her recognize her growth and involvement with the university.

"I had the realization that I do more than I thought I did, both for the school and the community. I got the chance to sit down and reflect on my achievements," said Orr.

This year’s award recipients will be invited to a special reception in 2023 to honor their accomplishments. This awards banquet provides a chance to connect with students from different academic programs and be recognized by the university for their contributions to our campus as graduate students.

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