Stress Busters Week: How are you having fun before finals?


As the fall semester wraps up with final exams, it’s important for you to take steps to reduce stress. Prioritize your well-being this week by building in breaks to help retain class information. And what better way to take a break than coming to one of IUPUI’s Stress Busters Week events?

"There’s no better time than now to prioritize healthy stress management. Whether you need to relieve stress in the moment or do some problem solving to address the source of your stress, finding what works for you and engaging in those strategies regularly can help you better deal with stress on a daily basis," said Health and Wellness Specialist Katie Wilkinson.

Not sure which Stress Busters events are the right fit for you? Take the quiz below to see which activities will help you stress less and have fun before finals.

When embarking on a road trip you must have…

a. Lots of snacks to munch on.

b. An audio book or podcast cued up.

c. Your pup as the trusty co-pilot.

d. A playlist to jam out to.

Your Saturday morning is suddenly free! What are you doing?

a. Making a BIG breakfast – pancakes, eggs, the works.

b. Getting more beauty sleep.

c. Cuddling with your cat on the couch and reading.

d. Taking a morning walk.

Your social media feed is full of:

a. Foodie pics and recipes.

b. Influencers sharing the latest trends.

c. Videos of baby animals.

d. Nutrition and workout hacks.

In 2023, your goal is to try new things. Which activity are you signing up for?

a. A cooking class.

b. Tutorials on how to meditate.

c. Volunteering at the Humane Society.

d. A self-defense workshop.

On vacation, you can be found…

a. Trying out the local food and drink hotspots.

b. Relaxing by the beach.

c. Exploring nature and nearby trails.

d. On a walking tour.

Quiz results

Mostly As - Fuel up with food 

Get your snack on! For you, the focus and energy needed to study for exams comes from food. Keep these Stress Busters Week events on your radar:

Stress Less with Snacks from Around the World
Wednesday, Dec. 7
2–4 p.m. | Taylor Hall 104

Crumble your Stress with GPSG: Cookie Decorating and Card Making
Wednesday, Dec. 7
5–8 p.m. | University Library 1126

Fuel Up for Finals
Dec. 7–9
9 a.m.–7 p.m. | Taylor Hall 101

Mostly Bs - Pamper yourself

Prep for exams by carving out some much needed you time. There are lots of opportunities to treat yourself this week:

Y2K Game Night Pajama Party
Monday, Dec. 5
6–9 p.m. | Campus Center, 3rd floor in the CUBE

It’s Spa-aaah! Time
Tuesday, Dec. 6
1–4 p.m. | Campus Center TV Lounge

De-Stress Fairs
Tuesday, Dec. 6
7–9 p.m. | University Tower, 2nd floor landing

Wednesday, Dec. 7
7–9 p.m. | Ball Hall lobby

Mostly Cs - Spend time with furry friends 

Stress less with some pets. Back by popular demand, therapy dogs and cats will be making several appearances throughout Stress Busters Week:

Paws and Relax with Dogs and Cats
Tuesday, Dec. 6
10 a.m. –1 p.m. | Campus Center Atrium

Dog Therapy
Wednesday, Dec. 7
1–5 p.m. | Campus Center Atrium

Mostly Ds - Get active 

Pound Group Fitness
Monday, Dec. 5
4–5 p.m. | Campus Center 156

Tuesday, Dec. 6
6:30 p.m. | Campus Center 055X

Yin Yoga Group Fitness
Thursday, Dec. 8
5:15 p.m.–6:15 p.m. | Campus Center 156


Visit to see the full schedule of daily events.