Get To Know: Scott Renshaw, medical director of Campus Health


Scott Renshaw wears many hats at IUPUI — he teaches medical students, sees patients at Campus Health and takes care of several administrative duties at the School of Medicine.

In his role as medical director, Scott ensures access to immunization, mitigates any outbreaks that may occur on campus and assists both the School of Medicine and the Dental School with clinical trials. Scott enjoys the variety of challenges that each day brings and loves working with the Campus Health team.

What is a strange food combination that you enjoy?

I enjoy eating pigs in the mud, which is bacon dipped in chocolate. It’s salty, sweet and just has such a fun name.

What song would you say is the soundtrack of your life?

I like "Can’t Stop the Feeling." The song makes everyone happy in the movies, so I would like my life to mirror that.

Do you have a favorite dad joke?

Why can’t cows do ballet? 
Because they 'lac-toes!'

 A friend of a friend told me that joke, and it stuck. 

If you were granted three wishes from a genie, what would they be?

I would want to fluently speak Spanish, expertly play the piano and be healthy up until the day I die.