5 benefits of group therapy


College can be overwhelming for all students — from focusing on classes to finding your spot on campus, college represents an exciting, yet stressful period of change. To better cope with stress, many students may seek out therapy through Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

For anyone considering therapy options, CAPS offers free group therapy sessions Monday through Friday. Group therapy can be a great way for students to address key concerns with like-minded people. Here are five reasons why group therapy may be the right fit for you.

For any questions about group therapy or other related programs, email capsindy@iupui.edu or call 317-274-2548.

1. It's the college gold standard

Group therapy is highly rated in IUPUI’s student survey results. 94% of students reported that they were satisfied with their "Understanding Self and Others" groups, while 100% of students in other groups stated that the groups were helpful.

"Attending group therapy with classmates and peers who are experiencing similar life events and challenges can be extremely healing," said Ashley Eppich, a licensed mental health counselor at CAPS. "Many college students find group therapy more helpful than individual therapy."

2. Group therapy can help with loneliness and isolation

For students struggling with loneliness, group therapy offers students a safe place to interact with others in person and is an opportunity to meet new people and socialize.

3. There are a wide variety of options tailored to student needs

This summer, CAPS is running five different types of groups specialized to specific mental health needs. Group topics include Cultivating Mindful Self-compassion, Understanding Self and Others, Mindfulness-based Art Therapy Space, Community Healthing Space and Coping 101. 

All of these groups aim to help students in more specific, meaningful ways.

4. It's free for all IUPUI students

It is important for our campus community that group therapy is accessabile to all students — that is why CAPS has made sure that all group therapy is free and accessible. They also provide a free, thorough assessment in order to recommend the best group for each student.

5. All sessions are facilitated by licensed therapists

CAPS is dedicated to providing students with the highest quality experience possible.

"Personally, leading my group, Community Healing Space, is one of the highlights of my week," said Eppich. "I enjoy getting to witness students help one another. The discussion that happens in group is rich, affirming and validating. I encourage all students to try group therapy at least once."