Occupational Health

Needlesticks: What to do

IU employees who experience a stick from a needle or exposure should follow these steps.

  1. Notify supervisor of injury or exposure immediately.
  2. Provide written notice within 7 days of Injury. Download and complete the Occupational Injury/Illness form. The second page is an Authorization for Medical Records. 
  3. Print and complete the appropriate form
    1. Needlestick and Sharp Object Report
    2. Blood and Body Fluid Exposure Report
  4. Please bring or fax (317-278-4418) the Occupational Inury/llness report form(both pages) to IU Indianapolis Campus Health. Or you can email the forms to healthsv@iu.edu, subject: OUCH. 

 Failure to turn in the forms within 7 days may result in claim denial.