Political Engagement Programs

When the issues are big, your voice should be big too

Civic engagement is all about getting you in tune with the political and societal issues of the world around you. It’s important for everyone, especially college students, to be informed of the issues that affect your everyday lives. You can be a key contributor to our democracy with three simple actions: register, learn, and advocate.

Because the world around us changes daily, our programs change to keep up with the issues and topics that matter most to you.

Our Civic Engagement Assistants are IU Indianapolis students who work throughout the year to help make engaging in democracy easy. You can contact them at 317-278-3699 or ccsecea@iu.edu, and they are located in Campus Center 350.

“I love my job because I have the opportunity to encourage young voters just like me to vote and engage in their community.”

Emily Snooks, Civic Engagement Assistant

Take part in democracy by learning about your voting rights

Our voter rights and registration programs allow you to get registered to vote, learn about your rights as a voter, and learn more about how to engage in our democracy. A list of common events and programs for IU Indianapolis students are below.

National Voter Registration Day is a nonpartisan, civic holiday celebrating our democracy. On the third Tuesday in September, we focus our in-person, virtual, and media efforts on providing you information on how to register to vote. You can visit the official online voter guide to learn how to make your voice count.

Day of Democracy is where you learn about all the ways to be civically engaged in the community. We bring in our local Marion County Board of Elections to test out the voter machines and get you familiar with the city of Indianapolis. Past special guests have included the League of Women Voters, Indiana Disability Rights, Women4Change, and more.

Vote Early Day will help all eligible voters learn about their voting options and celebrate the act of voting early. When Americans vote early, they ensure that last minute issues will not prevent them from casting their ballots. Saturday, October 23, 2021 is Vote Early Day.

National Voter Education Week will help all voters understand all the tools and information available to be confident in casting their ballots. This week of activities is held during the first week of October.

March to the Polls is hosted during the last week of October as an opportunity to mobilize your fellow Jaguars, hear from local organizers, and conduct your civic duty with a quick trip to our nearest polling place to vote.

Election Day is our time to shine! Whether you are needing directions to the nearest polling place or having an issue of what’s on the ballot, we are here to help. We will be on campus and virtually to serve you to make sure it's a smooth day at the polls.

Two students at last year's march to the polls event, signing up to vote.
Buttons that say Meet me at the Polls with accompanying pens for give away at the March to the Polls event.

Make the issues come alive

Understanding civil discourse, both what it is and how to practice it, is key to our political process, being responsible citizens, and creating change. Our Civic Engagement Assistants are available to teach your student organization, class, or team about civil discourse and the importance of voting.

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Engaging in politics

Government Relations at IU can assist you and your organization in engaging in the political process. Whether you are wanting to connect with federal officials and agencies or need help managing an event, they can meet your needs and ensure compliance as a public institution.