Frequently Asked Questions

Student organizations can book events within the academic year calendar. Next academic year reservations cannot be made until the student organization re-registers for that upcoming academic year.

If you are interested in knowing more about max capacities of our meeting room spaces, please contact an Event Services Assistant at 317-278-8511 or email us at

All requests will be reviewed within three business days from the date they are received.

University departments and registered student organizations shall not use their privileges to access space, resources, or services and “front” for a non-university group or commercial entity in order to avoid fees or receive reduced fees. All instances of “fronting” will result in an adjustment of all related fees to the appropriate rate. The reserving group responsible for “fronting” may be subject to loss of reservation privileges. 

Additionally, if a university department assumes responsibility for an event typically organized by a student organization, that student organization must be registered and in good standing with the CUBE Student Organization Center and Campus Center Event Services. Responsibility may NOT be changed to the student organization after securing space to avoid reservation and facility charges. Likewise, a university department assuming full planning responsibility for an event should not use a registered student organization to secure space in an effort to avoid reservation and facility charges.

Start by checking in with the Information Desk, and they will radio the Campus Center Building Manager to inform them of your arrival. They will ensure that your room is unlocked and wait for you to discuss any technology needs.

An IU Indianapolis parking permit is required for all IU Indianapolis parking lots and garages, with the exception of Vermont Garage, which is available to visitors for an hourly rate and metered spots along University Blvd. Please refer to the permit map and/or visitor map for details. Arrangements for parking can be made for events and meetings by contacting IU Indianapolis Parking and Transportation Services at 317-274-4232 or For student organizations, IU Indianapolis Parking and Transportation Services is a partner with the Event Activity Registration Process and details can be arranged on The Spot.

The Campus Center offers many different setups to accommodate any event type or idea that you may have. Please review the list of setups that we offer below: 

  • Auditorium 
  • Banquet
  • Classroom 
  • Cleared room
  • Conference table
  • Exhibit hall
  • Lecture
  • Open square
  • Pods of 4, 6, and 8
  • U-shape with chairs only
  • U-shape with tables and chairs 

If you are interested in seeing examples of how these setups look in our meeting rooms, please contact an Event Services Assistant and they will send you diagrams of each setup option.

The Event Services team will also work with you if one of our predetermined setups do not meet your event need. We are able to make a diagram for your specific event and send it to you for your approval. 

The Campus Center Event Services Assistants will reach out to you after you have submitted the request for your event. 

For student organizations, the first confirmation you will receive is a TENTATIVE confirmation. This means that our team has found space during the time you requested, and the rest of your event falls within our predetermined guidelines. Once the event is approved on The Spot by The CUBE team, the Event Services Assistants will send you an official confirmation. This will include the name, date, time, and other critical information of your event. We will also include your reservation number and resources that will be provided to you. 

Departments will receive a confirmation email once it is decided by an Event Services Assistant that the event is in an appropriate time and room. If we find that your requested time does not fit in with our event schedule, we will reach out to you and discuss adjusting the time and/or location of the event to accommodate your needs. Departments will receive confirmation from the Campus Center once that is coordinated. 

It is not uncommon for the Event Services Assistants to email the organization or department with questions before we send the official confirmation. Please be on the lookout for emails from our team once you have submitted an event so we can process your request in a timely manner.

For all food service needs, Chartwells (IU Indianapolis Food Services) is the contracted, exclusive food service provider, which includes all retail, catering, and concession sales on the IU Indianapolis campus. For exceptions, please contact Chartwells directly.

The Campus Center Event Services team is more than happy to check availability for all departments, student organizations, and external guests. Our desk is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. You can call us at 317-278-8511 or email us at

All spaces within the Campus Center are Wi-Fi enabled, and any member of the IU system can access the internet by connecting with their staff, faculty, or student credentials through IU Secure. 

Guests in the Campus Center can access no-fee Wi-Fi through the “IU Guest” network. Guests will need to accept the terms of use listed on the log in page and then click “Register.”  

Depending on the service carrier, there are areas of the Campus Center facility where cellular signals are weak. The only public telephone in the facility is located on the Lower Level and can only be used to make local, Indianapolis calls.

Campus Center Event Services is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property belonging to guests of the facility. Every effort will be made to return lost/misplaced items whenever possible. The Campus Center Lost and Found is located at the Information Desk on Level 1. Items deemed to be of high value (credit/debit cards, driver’s licenses, cell phones, etc.) will be turned over to Indiana University Police Department (IUPD) at the end of each business day. Other items will be held until the end of the month in which they were turned in before being discarded and/or donated.

It is the responsibility of the reserving group to ensure all items are removed from the space following a reservation. Any items left by a reserving entity will be kept a maximum of seven business days, after which time they will be discarded or donated.

IUPD is responsible for public safety while event and meeting guests are on university property. Additional security may be required for certain events, a determination that will be made by IUPD. If an activity is determined to need IUPD and/or ESG presence, the event hosts will be responsible for all associated costs. Additionally, once it is determined that the presence of IUPD is necessary for an event, IUPD then reserves the right to cancel or postpone an event if they are unable to provide the staff necessary or do not approve the nature of the event. 

In general, if IUPD presence is required, for every 50 attendees present at an event, there must be one officer.

Limited space is available for information tables inside the Campus Center for both internal and external entities to promote themselves, their activities, and/or their products. 

An information table will consist of one table and two chairs. The table will be covered with an IU Indianapolis tablecloth unless otherwise requested. Organizations are prohibited from supplying their own tables and/or booths. Only one table may be reserved per organization per day, not to exceed three days in a given week. Additional tables may be requested but require special permission from the Campus Center Event Services team. Please be prepared to provide, in writing, rationale for requesting multiple information tables. 

Information tables can only be reserved as long as they are not offering products or services already found in the Campus Center or provided by IU Indianapolis.

To prevent as much associated damage as possible, the Campus Center Event Services staff has restricted the types of decorations that may be used within the facility. If found in violation of any of these restrictions, meeting and event organizers may be assessed a $150 cleaning/damage fee payable at the time of invoice.

Please see the Campus Center Event Policy Manual included in your reservation  confirmation for a list of what is not accepted in the Campus Center.

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