From a small town girl to the big city 

As mentioned, I'm from a small town, French Lick specifically. I wasn't involved with city life, with my family staying away from big cities at all costs. Once I decided I was going to IU Indianapolis, the fact the school is in downtown Indianapolis was daring for me. Driving was my biggest fear, with country roads being the roads I frequent. Also, deciding where to go for groceries, shopping, and restaurants was challenging since I had little options from my hometown.

Overall, it feels like a home away from home. Once I arrived, I realized the campus is its own little small town, as I see familiar faces wherever I go. Driving has become second nature, and my friends and I like to discover new shops and restaurants around the city in our off time. 

My home I have created for myself here is my biggest motivator to push myself to do better. Becoming a Jag at IU Indianapolis has been the best decision I've made; with no doubt, I couldn't be anywhere else.