The IU Indianapolis advantage

The vast array of opportunities at IU Indianapolis, from research to jobs to student organizations, have been a catalyst for my growth. Each experience has been a stepping stone, equipping me with the skills and confidence to pursue even greater ambitions.

From the start, I was determined to immerse myself fully in campus life. My role as President of the Honors Tower Council allowed me to spearhead various events, fostering a sense of community among my peers and connecting with like-minded students. My involvement in the Computer Science Club, progressing from vice-president to president, was instrumental in organizing events like hackathons and networking opportunities. 

Additionally, managing social media for the International Club and coordinating cultural events like the Ramadan Feast with dining services on campus enriched my appreciation for global cultures.

Furthermore, my involvement in research projects under Dr. Christian Rogers and Dr. Angela Murillo was a cornerstone of my academic experience. From developing an AR headset to working on a machine learning model for diabetes prediction, these projects honed my technical skills and research capability. Similarly, working at the Campus Center's Information Desk not only supported me financially, but also enhanced my communication and problem-solving skills.

Lastly, the Honors College offered me an intimate academic setting with small class sizes and personalized support. This environment enabled me to build strong relationships with professors and peers, enriching my educational experience.

Why being a Jag is a privilege

Reflecting on my journey, choosing to be a Jag has been one of the most transformative decisions of my life. It wasn't just about earning a degree; it was about growing as a global citizen, a leader and a problem-solver. IU Indianapolis has provided me with a platform to not only dream big, but also to have the tools and support to turn those dreams into reality. As I look forward to my future, I am grateful for every opportunity, every challenge, every friend and every connection I've made here.