Lights, camera, action: College life extravaganza

My college life at IU Indianapolis is a vibrant blend of academia and extracurricular activities. Passionate about filmmaking, I had the privilege of working as a research assistant under Professor Thomas C. Lewis. Together, we're producing documentaries on climate change in Greenland and the impact of dust on our lives.

As the director of films for the Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB), I've hosted unforgettable events like Flick’N’Float and Outdoor Movie Nights, enriching my leadership skills and perspectives.

I also serve as the outreach manager for the Design Coterie Club (Deco) and am dedicated to enhancing the experience of my fellow Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) students. My role involves providing essential resources to enrich our student community and fostering collaboration and support within the club.

Indy: A home away from home

Beyond the campus, Indianapolis has become my home away from home. While it's not the most bustling city, its unique blend of urban and scenic spots creates a captivating atmosphere. Reflecting on my experiences, I recall completing my first triathlon running for Ainsley's Angels and participating in the Regatta as moments that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

The IU Indianapolis experience: A canvas of opportunities

Summing up my college experience, this university has taught me that the world is our canvas, and opportunities abound for those who seek them. So, if you're ready to chase your dreams and turn them into reality, then it's your time to become a Jaguar!