PRSSA leadership role influences career path 

For someone undecided and uncertain about what career path to take, being part of an organization motivated me to learn what I am passionate about and take every opportunity to learn and grow. 

As a student majoring in Journalism and Public Relations, I found an organization that has benefited me and my education. I became a PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) member and got the chance to serve as the treasurer for the 2023–24 board of the IU Indianapolis chapter.

This organization allowed me to collaborate with other fantastic student leaders. It is mainly run by students with the same goals and dedication to motivate other students in public relations, communications or similar interests to learn more about the diverse job opportunities PR can provide.

My best memories from joining PRSSA are meeting with alumni professionals, talking about their journeys and experiences and being surrounded by students who share the same passion. It has helped me, and hopefully, other students, take those roles by joining any campus organization.

On-campus job provides key skills for a future career 

During my spring semester of 2023, I had a class on Public Relations that talked about PR tactics and techniques. Our professor always had the first few minutes of class to discuss career opportunities and job postings. I came across a job flyer looking for the next "Digital Jag," a social media management position, which has helped me tremendously in my field.

It has taught me hands-on skills in digital content management, and I've applied that knowledge to my education. To this day, I look back and tell myself I made the right decision because I almost didn't apply for it. But it has been one of my best jobs, and I had the chance to meet with faculty and students from different departments. I even participated in the 2023 Regatta, representing the School of Liberal Arts.

The opportunities the university and the School of Liberal Arts have offered me are beyond just a job, but a learning experience that keeps growing. I had the chance to work alongside experts in the field, create social media content, and build a career portfolio.