Campus safety

Group members: Natalie Holmes, Vibha Kamath, Jalen Pullings, Jaideep Kakar and Addison Misch

IU Indianapolis’s urban campus comes with many advantages like networking and internship opportunities, along with a vibrant community just minutes away. With that comes an increased focus on campus safety due to the nature of being part of a large city. Through the group’s research and surveys, they found that students are most worried about theft and being followed, are not aware of current campus safety apps and resources and have not interacted with IUPD before.

To provide students with a positive and safe experience on campus, CSAB suggests:

  • Improving the relationships and perceptions between the student body and IUPUD by having officers run safety presentations and mingling events so students can get to know IUPUD in a comfortable setting.
  • Posting safety tutorials on social media so students know how to download apps and alerts like IU-Notify and the Rave Guardian app.
  • Connecting with our international student population so they feel confident about safety rules and policies in the United States that may differ from other countries.

Throughout the engaging conversations between Chancellor Ramchand and the students, a common theme stuck out in both presentations: the power of student-to-student messaging. If students like our CSAB members empower others to take control of their diets and be more aware of campus safety resources, we can create a greater impact on our campus community.