Cultural Arts Gallery Policies

Cultural Arts Gallery @ IU Indianapolis exhibition policies and procedures

I. General information

a. Location

The Cultural Arts Gallery is located at 420 University Blvd., Indianapolis IN, 46202, and on level 1 of the Campus Center in CE 148.

b. Hours of operation

The Cultural Arts Gallery is open seven days a week during the academic year. The gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Summer and winter session hours may vary.

c. Walk-through

The Cultural Arts Gallery requires all booked exhibitors to visit the gallery before returning the Exhibition Information Form. It is important that the exhibitor understand the layout and dimensions of the space as well as the available resources prior to installing an exhibit. If you have previously exhibited in this space, this requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Campus Center curator.

d. Policy agreement form

The Cultural Arts Gallery requires the completion of the policy agreement form. Upon signing this form, the exhibitor acknowledges and agrees to abide by the Cultural Arts Gallery policies. Failure to comply with Cultural Arts Gallery policies will prevent the artist from exhibiting in the gallery in the future as well as result in immediate loss of reservation. This form also acknowledges that the Campus Center curator is responsible for the final decision of all layouts and placement of artwork in the exhibit. The gallery staff is here to assist you throughout the exhibition process and will do their best to accommodate your work and ideas to make sure your artwork is exhibited to its full potential.

We have two deadlines for the policy agreement form:

  • Dec. 1 for Spring and Summer Session I shows (Jan. 1–June 30)
  • May 1 for Summer Session II and Fall shows (July 1–Dec. 31)

While we do not give priority to artists, we have worked with artists/departments in the past who request a certain month to place the show accordingly.

e. Exhibition information form

The Cultural Arts Gallery also requires that each exhibitor complete the exhibition information form. This form will provide the gallery with information regarding the exhibition logistics, exhibition materials, and special accommodations. This form must be submitted three months prior to your exhibition date; failure to do so may result in loss of exhibition date.

f. Contact person

A single contact person/artist is responsible for finalizing exhibitions dates, forms, delivery/transportation of artwork, reception (if wanted) and uninstallation day/time. If a show features multiple artists, the contact person is responsible for informing their fellow artists of the policies.

II. Gallery resources

a. Electricity

The Cultural Arts Gallery has electricity available for exhibition use. The gallery is outfitted with ten (10) electric outlets, including nine (9) double outlets and one (1) quad-double outlet. The Cultural Arts Gallery is not responsible for providing extension cords or other necessary resources for use of these outlets.

b. Audio/visual

Audio technology is available to the Cultural Arts Gallery from the Campus Center upon request. Sound equipment and microphones can be provided by the Campus Center upon request. This equipment will need to be included on the Exhibition Information Form. Videos can be played in the gallery; however, the Campus Center does not provide any video technology. Televisions, VCRs, and DVD players must be provided by the exhibitor.

c. Ladders

University ladders can only be used by trained Cultural Arts Gallery staff. If you need a ladder, you must supply your own. The Cultural Arts Gallery, Campus Center and Student Experiences, and IU Indianapolis are not responsible for any injuries on a non-university ladder.

d. Lighting

The Cultural Arts Gallery has a permanent track lighting system installed in the ceiling. This system consists of thirty-eight (38) movable can lights installed on four (4) tracks running from the front to the back of the gallery. There are fourteen (14) can lights that may be changed by unscrewing the bulb. The rest of the can lights are permanent. Each exhibit will be lit individually by the Campus Center curator, maximizing the available lighting in order to personalize each exhibit as needed.

e. Permanent hanging system

The Cultural Arts Gallery has a permanent hanging system installed on the north, west and south walls of the space. This system consists of a one-inch wide stainless-steel track permanently installed seven feet, six inches above the floor. From this track, thin lengths of plexiglass with movable hooks are hung. These clear plastic rods are available for use in two-foot, three-foot, or four-foot lengths. If the hanging system does not accommodate exhibition needs, arrangements must be made with the Campus Center curator. Holes may not be drilled, and nails may not be used on gallery walls.

f. Pedestals, movable wall, etc.

The Cultural Arts Gallery offers sixteen (16) pedestals of varying sizes and two (2) moveable walls. These items must be requested in the Exhibition Information Form, as they may be loaned out for events within the building and cannot be guaranteed unless requested in the exhibit contract.

g. Tables and easels

The Cultural Arts Gallery, as an entity of the IU Indianapolis Campus Center, does have access to two (2) square tables and nine (9) aluminum telescoping easels. These items are available upon request.

III. Exhibition logistics and gallery policy

a. Exhibit arrival/departure

The Campus Center curator will arrange with the artist the dates and times that the exhibit will arrive and depart. Artwork is installed and de-installed during the first weekend of the month. The Cultural Arts Gallery has limited access to small wheeled carts that can be used to assist in this process. The gallery team members can assist you with the wheeled carts and small pieces. If you have artwork heavier than 20 pounds, you must bring your own assistance.

b. Parking

Vermont Street Garage (pay lot)

Please park on the third floor of the Vermont St. Garage when unloading artwork. This is a pay garage. This garage is attached to the Campus Center, and the third floor of the garage leads directly to the second floor of the Campus Center. This is the easiest method to load artwork into the gallery as it provides a direct link to the Campus Center. Take the elevator to the first floor of the Campus Center to get to the gallery.

Loading dock

If you are using a moving van or large vehicle that will not meet garage height clearance, please notify the Campus Center curator as soon as possible so that loading dock permission can be obtained. The loading dock is free to use, but there is a one-hour time limit. It is also uncovered and subject to rain and inclement weather.

Lot 80 (15-minute unloading zone)

Lot 80 is located on the south side of the Campus Center, and there are spots located on the east side of the lot for 15-minute unloading parking. EM parking passes are also accepted in the lot. This lot is uncovered and subject to rain and inclement weather.

c. Storage

The Cultural Arts Gallery has a small storage space in the back of the gallery. If storage is needed the week prior to the exhibition, this can be arranged with the Campus Center curator. Storage needs must be noted on the Exhibition Information Form. Due to limited space, artwork may not remain in the gallery after the de-installation except on an emergency basis. If artwork is left in storage thirty (30) days after de-install, the Cultural Arts Gallery may dispose of it by any means necessary.

d. Multiple-artist exhibit

In an exhibit featuring more than one artist, one person must be appointed as the main contact for the exhibit. All artwork needs to be dropped off at one time and picked up at one time unless otherwise arranged with the Campus Center curator. Multiple artwork drop-offs cannot be accommodated and will not be accepted unless cleared with the Campus Center curator upon return of the exhibition information form.

e. Hanging preparation

Unless otherwise arranged, the Cultural Arts Gallery requires that work is framed and ready to install using our permanent hanging system upon arrival. This means frames must be equipped with wires the can be used to suspend the image from the hooks used in our hanging system. The Gallery Manager reserves the right to reject work that does not have the proper hanging system.

f. Insurance

The Cultural Arts Gallery does not provide any exhibition insurance for exhibitions housed in the gallery. Upon signing the Exhibition Information Form, the exhibitor acknowledges that the exhibition is not insured by the Cultural Arts Gallery during its stay in the Campus Center, and damages incurred are at full expense of the exhibiting party, not the IU Indianapolis Campus Center. That said, the gallery is fully staffed during operating hours and locked after hours. Artwork handling will be conducted with utmost respect, following proper artwork handling procedures.

g. Labels

The Cultural Arts gallery provides labels for all artwork unless otherwise noted. Please complete and return the emailed label sheets two weeks prior to the exhibition.

h. Artwork remaining in the space for the entirety of the exhibit

Artwork is not to leave the gallery once it has been installed without consent of Campus Center curator. If you have arranged a sale, or want to trade out artworks within the space, you must have the Campus Center curator’s prior approval. Because the gallery staff are not always familiar with the exhibiting artist each month, we enforce this policy for the safety of artwork not “walking out” of the space. If you are the contact for a multiple-artist show, you are responsible for forwarding this information to all involved.

IV. Events

a. Reception policy

Exhibition opening and closing receptions can be held in the Cultural Arts Gallery during regular gallery hours. Receptions must be noted in the Exhibition Information Form and arranged through the Campus Center curator. These events will be publicized along with the exhibition unless a private event is requested.

b. Food policy

All receptions open to the public must follow our outlined food policy. IU Indianapolis Food Services, Coca Cola USA, and Canteen Vending are the only approved food service, catering, and beverage providers for IU Indianapolis and the Campus Center. Event sponsors will receive separate billing for any food/beverage expenses directly from IU Indianapolis Food Services. Food and beverages from other sources may not be brought into meeting rooms or other event spaces in the Campus Center. To make arrangements for catering, call 317-274-7566, visit IU Indianapolis Food Services online, or email catering@IU

Exemptions do apply for events with food costs less than $100 and if all food and beverages are pre-packaged and pre-approved. The Campus Center curator can provide assistance in gaining approval.

If you wish to hold a closed, non-publicized reception, you can do so with your own choice of food and beverages under $100.

c. Educational events

Educational events based on Cultural Arts Gallery exhibitions are both permitted and encouraged! The Campus Center houses sixteen (16) meeting spaces that can be reserved for such events. The Cultural Arts Gallery can be used during regular gallery hours as well. Arrangements can be made through Campus Center Event Services and the Campus Center curator.

V. Exhibition marketing

a. Posters

The Cultural Arts Gallery will provide two (2) signs measuring 22x28 inches for our metal sign holders. We recommend that you provide a title for your exhibition and a few high-quality pictures that we can use in the creation of the poster.

b. Website

The Cultural Arts Gallery asks that the exhibitor provide photographs of artworks that will be featured in the exhibition page of the website. 

c. Exhibition information handouts

Upon request, the Campus Center curator will create a handout including information about your exhibit. Contact the Campus Center curator for more information about pricing.

d. Community marketing

The Campus Center curator will submit publicity for your exhibit to the Indianapolis Star, Cultural Arts Gallery website, JagNews, JagTV, and Campus Center digital signage.

e. Self-promotion

We welcome your business cards and exhibit postcards to distribute at the gallery desk for the duration of your exhibit.

VI. Sales

a. Sales policy

The Cultural Arts gallery does not take a commission on any work of art. The artist is responsible for all sales, as student staff and the Campus Center curator are unable to take money in this space. Interested patrons will fill out a purchase information form providing their contact information, which the Campus Center curator will forward to the artist. The artist is then responsible for coordinating purchases with the interested patrons.