Working at the Luddy School

Since August 2021, I've worked at the Luddy School as an ambassador and at the student services front desk. Both those positions have been very rewarding in different ways. As an ambassador, I get to share the amazing stories and opportunities that we have here with our prospective students wanting to learn more. 

And at the desk, I work with so many of our wonderful staff to make sure students have the support and resources they need to succeed, as well as a bunch of fun, random projects. Along the way, I picked up an invaluable internship at CourseNetworking that has allowed me to learn so much about applying UX design skills to effect change in the real world. 

How I found IU Indianapolis 

I'm from the suburbs of Chicago, so there's not a very clear or obvious path to college in Indianapolis. Here's the story: In high school, I went to a college summer camp where I first learned about user experience (UX). UX being the nexus of design, psychology and technology really piqued my interest.

As I applied to colleges, I looked for similar UX or informatics programs on urban campuses, and that’s how I found IU Indianapolis. I thought the university offered amazing opportunities on a campus in the heart of Indianapolis and Indiana. 

What’s next 

Now that I've graduated with my Bachelor's of Science, I'm working on my Master's of Science to further advance my skills and prepare myself for the workforce. I am extremely excited for what my future holds and I appreciate all of the opportunities I took at IU Indianapolis.